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Written by Ralph Hilton   
Wednesday, 03 April 2013 21:28

 It seems that Scientology and Skype is a controversial subject. Some consider that I am the Anti-Christ for suggesting its use and others want to use it for telepathic auditing.

Currently I use Skype to assist people who are Solo auditors already. It seems a bit questionable to audit lower level people using it.

I do not consider that having the auditor hold the cans during session and using Skype is at all valid.

If the auditor is in that good communication with the PC then they don't need Skype. They should arrange sessions telepathically and not even use a meter or the internet. Good Luck!

I do think that Skype can provide a valid tool for helping people. I use it for helping people on upper levels who can use the E-meter and are familiar with auditing Solo but want help in directing their attention to the best areas of charge to address and need a bit of a theta boost and administrative help when they want to put their attention fully on their case.

I haven't explored its use on lower level auditing but think that it is a possibility. I haven't tried it so cannot comment further.

I can also see its valid use for assisting students with word clearing and some other matters.

I see it as a tool that wasn't available when LRH was around. We can test its workability and come to our own conclusions as to which situations it can be used in.

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