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Written by Ralph Hilton   
Thursday, 04 February 2010 15:19

LRH talked about Black Dianetics However there is a technology that has come into use in the CofS under David Miscavage which I feel is better termed Black Scientology as it does not directly use implant technology but a reversal of the principles of Scientology.
The basic tech consits of:
1. Create an environment in which there are so many possible overts a person can commit that it is possible to nail anyone in the organization at any time with overts of magnitude.
2. Alter the relative importance of overts in such a way that introverts people into the organization by making overts against non-members of the group acceptable and "overts" against leaders of the organization of great significance. This causes members to individuate from the broader 4th dynamic and to collapse terminals within the group.
3. The target per the issue "Pain and Sex", of implanters was the 2nd dynamic. Thus a full application of Black Scientology must involve collapsing the individuals of the group on the 2nd dynamic causing them to compulsively act only for the good of the group by inverting on the 3rd.
The first dynamic is introverted by providing poor food, living conditions and denial of adequate enhancement through pressure of work to meet impossible targets.
The second dynamic is then introverted by a) inventing a moral code which is impossible to keep and stressing the degree of importance of minor violations of it b) Enforcing the commission of actual overts such as abortions, unwanted divorces and long term separation of partners.
Having achieved the collapse of a being into the inverted third dynamic one perpetuates the states by repeated confessionals on insignificant overts related to the 3rd dynamic while ignoring overts against the fourth dynamic The result is a being confused and overwhelmed on the first second and fourth dynamics who can thus more easily be controlled on the third.
There are a set of tools used in Black Scientology to maintain control which can be extrapolated by reverse application of the Introspection Rundown:
1. The Severe Reality Adjustment.

"The purpose of the Introspection RD is to locate and correct those things which cause a person to fixate his attention inwardly, on himself or his bank. This RD extroverts the person so that he can see his environment and therefore handle and control it."

By corollary The purpose of the Severe Reality Adjustment is to cause a person to fixate his attention inwardly, on himself or his bank. This introverts the person so that he cannot see his environment and therefore can neither handle nor control it. The SRA puts a person into a state of Robotism where they refrain from action due to fear of causing harm and follow the orders of the oppressor without question.
2. Enforce wrong indications and wrong whys.
3. ARC breaks. These are caused by putting generalizations into the environment such as unnamed government plants, unlocated SPs and unidentfied squirrels. Justice actions are used containing generalizations to make actions incomprehensible to members.
4. Withholds. The number of crimes that a person can commit even includes bad thoughts. This ensures that no-one can possibly exist in the environment without having withholds and justifies the incessant enforcing of confessionals.
5. False incidents. People are questioned excessively on subjects such as PDH until they wonder if they might have forgotten the implant which makes them commit "overts" against their oppressor.
6. False interrogation.
7. False invalidation.
8. False validation. Validate the person for things which are not actually worthy of praise such as following "Command Intention".
9. Hit for no reason. Just smack them occasionally for no reason at all.
10. Invalidated beingness. Are you really a member of the group or a downstat or plant or ... .
11. Invalidate intentions.

The final step of the Introspection Rundown is Objective Havingness. One of the first steps of Black Scientology is the denial of Objective Havingness.

The keys to maintaining an individual in a state of robotic PTSness are the denial of Beingness, Doingness and Havingness while enforcing unwanted Beingness, Doingness and Havingness.

Above are listed the main tools which David Miscavage has used to maintain control of Scientology.

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