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Keeping the Independent Field clean PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ralph Hilton   
Tuesday, 02 February 2010 08:28

What I am seeing now is somewhat of a rift between those who recently came out and those who have left much earlier. I found it difficult, back in 1982, to
perceive how people could remain in the CofS and put up with the suppression.

Back then it was much less. When I left it was rather laughable. I rather liked
Bill Franks and was very upset after he left. Somehow I got myself on a hit list
and was added to a comm-ev on the AO in Africa that had failed. I had issued OT level materials to missionaires setting up the AO after being shown the
authorised eval. The comm ev charges said that I shouldn't have issued them
without having the final mission orders authorised and found me guilty of
out-security. I was debarred from OT levels for eternity.

The clowns thought I would quietly do my conditions and stay. I went to HCO and stated that the recommendations were a breach of my Sea Org contract and that I was leaving. The routing out took about a month. During most of it I remained on post supervising and auditing.

I was told that there wasn't an auditor free to do my leaving sec check so I
would have to co-audit with someone else who wanted to leave.
I stated to Chuck Prenner, the Qual sec ITO, that having been debarred from OT levels I would simply leave and continue my auditing outside the CofS.  Soon after that I received my SP declare. I was declared SP for the crime of stating that I would audit in the field without a C/S.

Thousands left the CofS back then and some of us set up Independent groups.
Some of those who are leaving now were the perpetrators of attacks against us. Naturally charge is bypassed when people swap sides and do not properly join the group they previously attacked. The new Independent field is thus trying to set up newly without properly taking responsibility for past overts against an existing field. It is my opinion that those who have recently left and did commit overts against the Independent field need to take whatever steps are necessary to clean matters up ethics wise.

If that doesn't occur then the result will inevitably be a very fragmented and
weak field.

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